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ORANGE 1964 Lambretta LI Chopper - Italy Innocenti Original




This is a 1964 Lambretta LI3 fully restored from ground up with customized chopper styling + 200cc engine upgraded. This scooter has been stripped down to bare metal, all the old worn parts were thrown away and we installed all the new genuine parts to give it a second life. This is a tuned 2 stroke 200cc lambretta manufactured by Innocenti with 4 speed constant mess transmission, a manual clutch with gear shifter on the left handle makes it a fun scooter to drive. Here is the quick list of upgrades we will do to this gorgeous lambretta:

  • 10" wheels for better performance and control and the 10" wheel scooter will bring you more comfortable drive feeling especially at speed and long journey. We use a whole 10" fork assembly , not a cut and weld version.

  • 12V CDI electric system installed for bright light and real horn. Its how we combine latest technology in every restoration process. With this kit upgrade, you do not have to deal with the mess original 6v point which requires your knowledge to troubleshoot.

  • High quality ICI paint with 4 layers to bring the most perfect finish and a last long paint: anti rust, primer, pre-color primer, main color and finish coat.

New parts we have installed on this scooter: cylinder/piston, piston rings, gearbox selector, all bearings, gaskets, seals, kickstart gear, kick start lever, cruciform, clutch plates, carburetor, air filter, x-mas tree gear, bushplate, all wires and cables, locks with keys, wheel rims, tires/tubes, centre stand, all rubber parts, odometer, lights and switches, drums, brake shoes, exhaust system, fuel tap, hub caps, horn, emblems, front/rear shocks with springs, front/rear axle, vinyl seats with spare wheel cover, 12V CDI flywheel assembly, stainless steel protectors for legshield, front fender and side cowls.


Year of manufacture:1964
Engine size: 200 cc
Top speed: 65 mph
Fuel consumption: 90 mpg
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Voltage: 12 volt
Fuel tank capacity: 2 gallons
Carrying capacity: 2 persons




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