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Here at Avent Scooters we take pride in the fine workmanship that goes into every restoration. You will receive your scooter in perfect working order with a 12 month warranty on all parts. If for any reason a part fails, we will express mail a new one to you at no cost. We devote ourselves to providing you the most reliable scooter possible exceeding original factory condition by combining attention to detail along with technological improvements. Your scooter will also be professionally crated to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Our first class sales and service will guarantee that you will not be forgotten after the sale. We are available to help you with any issues that may arise long after the warranty has expired. Contact us anytime and our staff will be happy to provide technical assistance straight away. All parts are readily available and we will assist you in any way possible.

We offer 3 options for the payment:

- XOOM (www.xoom.com)
- WESTERN UNION (www.westernunion.com)


When we receive your order, we will start to search and prepare the scooter for you and full payment must be received before we ship your scooter. All shipments will leave on Sunday weekly and necessary documents will be mailed to your address about a week later. Before shipment, every bike is cleaned and double checked to ensure it is in good condition. We also drain the petrol as required by laws for safety during transit. The bike will be wrapped in bubble wrap plastic to protect the paint from dirt and scratches. It is then firmly secured into a custom made wood crate with protective padding on all four sides to prevent movement. We supervise the packing of each scooter to ensure it meets our requirements for a safe journey to its destination. The shipment may also be fumigated depending on whether it is required by the laws of your country.

If for any reason you receive the shipment in damaged condition or wrong/missing, please request and fill a report from the handling agent with their stamp and signature before you transport the scooter home. We will work with the shipping company to secure the compensation on your behalf.

We ship port to port so upon picking up your motorbike at the warehouse, you will have to pay for all the associated local charges including customs, handling and other paperwork fees.

You will need a vehicle to transport the crate from the warehouse to your home. The crate weighs approximately 250kg. It measures 170cm long, 110cm tall and 75cm in width. A small open ended trailer 1.5meters in lenght or a light weight closed transport van will work well for transport.

You can also request door-to-door service from your us. In this case the shipping agent will handle everything and the motor bike will be delivered to your home. This service is provided at an additional cost depending on distance required for transport. Please contact us for the rate quote.




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